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Whether it’s your first time or you have done the IELTS before, this website will be the most important thing to read. After helping many of my students, I know how great it feels to get your goal IELTS writing band score and want you to feel it too. This is an important exam and you need to get a good scoreHowever, there is a lot of information around about the IELTS. A lot of it is wrong and the rest is out of date, too old. But you need high quality information that is relevant to you. So here it is.

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Here is some of what you will find out:
Why many people fail the writing section before they even begin writing!
What the markers are thinking when they read your response
How to impress the markers from the first sentence.
The MOST important part of the essay and letter – you will be surprised!
How to be more calm in the exam
How to have more time.
Why YOU didn’t get band 7 in your last IELTS.
The difference between a band 6.5 and band 7.5 essay – the differences are TINY.
Discover little know secrets that will make a huge impact on your result.
Simple and effecting strategies.
Are you doing the right exam? Many people are not.
How to guarantee you get your goal IELTS writing score.
What your letter or essay should look like to maximise your result.
Do you want markers to love reading your tasks?
The exact things the markers are looking for in your writing task

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